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SPC Bulgaria - Activity

European level activities: SPC Bulgaria is forming it’s policy, plans for development and activities in accordance with directives, programs and concepts of European Commission - above all with the guidelines for extending activities of SPCs toward Co-modality promotion. SPC Bulgaria participates actively in discussions and meetings with the Commission – FOP s / ESN meetings, as well as in Internet consultations with the Commission on important transport programs and concepts.

EU Partnership: SPC Bulgaria interacts with leading European Associations- ECSA, UIC, UIRR, INE, CER- in its activities to promote short sea shipping, inland waterway and railway for implementation of the European co-modality concept.

National level activities: SPC Bulgaria informs online its members and partners weekly on Commission activities, European transport programs and action plans. SPC Bulgaria is working in close cooperation with main branch associations (shipowners, shipbrokers, freight forwarders ) and with main Bulgarian companies with “Green transport” potential for extension and implementation of Co-modality concept. More than 50 very important companies from BG transport community are involved in this promotional campaign. SPC Bulgaria stimulates establishment of Bulgarian Combined Transport Council to the Ministry of Transport (EA Railway Administration ) as well as of Danube Transport and Logistics Council. SPC Bulgaria cooperates with the Ministry in the outlining of National Integrated Maritime Policy.

Shotrsea Shipping: SPC Bulgaria supported by IMO, IMRF DG TREN and EMSA organized the first Bulgarian Maritime Day 2008 - The Maritime Safety and Maritime SAR Conference on the improvement of the Short Sea Safety, Maritime Safety organizations and Maritime SAR operations in the Black Sea. The conclusion and recommendations were submitted to the main European/ International organisations.
The second Bulgarian Maritime Day will be held in October, 2009 in Varna.

Black Sea: SPC Bulgaria cooperates in the organizing of the new ferryboat link between port Varna, Bulgaria and port Kavkaz, Russia and its connecting with port Zonguldak, Turkey. SPC Bulgaria initiated and continues working on the establishing of new SPC’s in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

Motorway of The Sea: SPC Bulgaria proposed to DG TREN the formation of a separate 6th Black Sea MoS Region. Arguments were accepted and since the middle of 2008 a 6th European MoS region -Black Sea Region figures in DG TREN Directorate B’s documents. SPC Bulgaria contributed to arranging the Black Sea MoS Working Group and during the Balkan Co-Modality Conference 2008, conducted a special meeting with the East Mediterranean MoS Working Group.

Co-modality: SPC Bulgaria supported by DG TREN, EACI, as well as by UIC, FIATA, UIRR, EIA, ECSA, ESN, EFIP, organized for a third time in succession Balkan Co-modality Conference 2008 in Sofia. More than 30 prominent speakers and 150 companies’ representatives participated in the conference.

Marco Polo II: SPC Bulgaria organized together with EACIthe Marco Polo Program Team- a special workshop and meetings for the promotion of the MP Program in Southeastern Europe during the Balkan Co-modality 2008. Three projects of Bulgarian companies INTERSHIPPING Ltd. a COMAT company, FANTI G and BDZ Cargo were approved by the Marco Polo II call 2008.

European Shortsea Network: SPC Bulgaria has also as a priority in its activities the improvement of European Shortsea Network functioning as well as cooperation between different SPCs in the fulfillment of their work on a European level. PROPS Project: SPC Bulgaria participates in PROPS Project -Promotional Platform for Shortsea Shipping and Intermodality. The realization of the PROPS Project will reinforce the role of Short Sea Shipping and SPCs in accordance with European Maritime Strategy until 2018.